Seahawk Transportation

The Process Of Superior Delivery

When fuel is ordered the Seahawk dispatcher schedules delivery and provides order information to the assigned driver. The driver goes to a specified supply terminal, picks up the fuel and delivers it to the dealer location within 24 hours of the order.

The driver checks the fuel level in the dealer’s tank to ensure that there is adequate space and also to determine if there is water in the tank upon arrival. Then he hooks up the hose and drops the gas into the tank. After the fuel has been unloaded, the driver again checks the fuel level in the tank. Throughout the process, the driver takes every safety precaution. Once the delivery is complete, he provides the dealer with paperwork that specifies exactly what was included in the order.

Though the primary responsibility of Seahawk is safe and efficient delivery of fuel to our dealers, we also offer additional services.

  • Many dealers choose Automated Tank Gauges (ATGs) that allow Seahawk to monitor dealer fuel usage and deliver fuel without a dealer ever making a phone call.
  • For those without ATGs, dealers use Autosend to daily report fuel stick readings.
  • For dealers who choose to maintain their own inventory, phone or fax orders are placed 24 hours before the fuel is needed.

Freight-Only Keeps Dealer Costs Down.

In addition to dealers, Seahawk also provides services to freight-only customers. These large-volume customers are not a part of the Coulson Oil dealer network, but depend on safe, efficient fuel delivery from Seahawk to continue their businesses. Because of these freight-only customers, the volume of fuel sold by Seahawk is higher, and savings are realized in staffing and equipment costs that are passed on to dealers.

Safety First for Dealers

We know that safety of a dealer’s customers and employees is their primary concern. Therefore, Seahawk has an extensive safety program to ensure that the efficient delivery of fuel is also safe and environmentally sound.

With exemplary driving records and experienced drivers, Seahawk is widely regarded as a safety-minded transport service. Our modern fleet of fuel haulers undergoes daily safety checks that ensure safe transport of fuel products. And we only work with the cleanest, most modern equipment available.

Weather Safety Policy

The weather and prevailing road conditions are major factors impacting the safety of our driving operations. Here are some of the criteria taken into consideration before a delivery is postponed due to weather:

  • Check national weather maps to see what current and future weather conditions are expected.
  • Get first-hand reports of current weather and road conditions around the state from our drivers.
  • Check the Arkansas road conditions map to determine closed, hazardous or other detrimental driving situations.
  • Contact with other transport carriers to verify current road conditions.
  • Monitor state and local law enforcement agency information regarding warnings and recommendations for travel.
  • Conditions and forecasts at delivery locations to determine if delivery is viable.

Once this information is gathered, a decision is made whether it is safe to make the delivery as planned. If conditions appear unsafe, a dealer will not be able to receive product until the weather and road conditions permit safe transportation.