Coulson Oil is actively involved in selling and leasing convenience stores and supplying branded and unbranded motorfuel products to dealers who already own or lease their location. If you are interested in leasing or purchasing one of our properties, please go to our Real Estate listing.

Leasing a Coulson Oil Location:

Candidates for leasing one of Coulson's locations must have retail or gas convenience store experience, as they will be responsible for the day to day operations of the store. The operator will be paid a commission per gallon of motorfuel sold (hence you will sometimes hear these dealers referred to as a "Commission Dealer"). However, a Commission Dealer is a completely independant business person and all inside inventory and sales are the property and responsibility of the dealer. Coulson Oil will own, supply and price the motorfuel; therefore no information about the monthly volume or gas margins will be made available. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) under this heading for additional information regarding the requirements to be a Commission Dealer.

Supplying Open Dealers:

Coulson Oil can provide dealers who own or lease their own locations with Shell, ConocoPhillips and Valero Branded products as well as unbranded motorfuel products at competitive prices. We can provide major brand image and marketing upgrades as well as installation, service and maintenance of motorfuel marketing equipment. Coulson Oil provides efficient on-time delivery of motorfuel products through our transportation subsidiary, ChiefSeahawk Transport. Our dealer representatives provide friendly ongoing support, education and assistance, while the Superstop Coop provides our dealers with superior buying power. Coulson Oil is experienced and large enough to provide our dealers with a complete set of cutting edge programs and tools to succeed and compete in today's demanding marketplace, while maintaining the flexibility to meet each dealer's unique needs.