Superstop Coop, Inc. offers Coulson Oil’s convenience store dealers the buying power they need to compete. It’s a way to get the best prices for goods and services through joint negotiations with vendors. The Coop also allows dealers to take advantage of significant vendor rebates.

A dealer who joins the Coop enjoys the collective buying power of more than 200 member locations. Buying in quantity has a positive impact on the dealer’s bottom line. Coop vendors offer products and services ranging from ATM's to equipment to snacks.

Another Coop benefit is access to more and greater rebates than would be available through just a single location. These rebates are disbursed quarterly to Coop members.

While these direct cost savings are clearly important, the Coop also can be a great time saver for dealers. The Coop handles negotiations for programs and contracts, tracks purchases, requests, and disburses rebates, which frees up the dealer's time to focus on other store management issues.

Dealers who join the Coop also may use the organization to mediate any problems with vendors. Members receive emails announcing new products and programs available through the Coop. Each year, a special meeting and trade show is held where Coop members can talk directly with vendors and learn about new products and marketing opportunities available.

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