Dealers and cars on the road - that's what our founder, Ray Coulson knew it would take to run a successful oil distribution company in the state of Arkansas. Ray spent most of his career in the oil business and he knew opportunity when he saw it. He knew exactly what it took to provide dealers with the best products and service they needed to be successful. Ray was a long-time employee of Amoco Oil Company. In the late 1960s, he believed that Amoco should be operating in Arkansas. But Amoco decided not to come into Arkansas. Knowing he was right about the potential business in the state, he left Amoco and moved to Little Rock. And so it was in 1969 that Ray, his wife Lois, co-workers Jim White and Walter Pennington began operation of a new corporation, known as Coulson Oil Company, Inc. More than 83,000 gallons of fuel were sold through six dealer-operated service stations during our first month in business. In the early years, Coulson Oil's annual gasoline volume averaged 700,000 gallons, but after only 10 years that average had increased to 22 million gallons and 51 locations. From 1969 through today, Coulson Oil has always been about innovation. For instance, Ray and Jim determined that self-service at that time, a new trend in gasoline marketing, would work in combination with a food store. From that idea, Coulson Oil was the first to open what is now known as convenience stores. Ray often said you have to be willing to embrace changes and trends aggressively, and that philosophy still rules today. Led by Mike Coulson, Ray's son, Coulson Oil is a company dedicated to be the leading branded-gasoline marketing supplier in Arkansas. And it's our dealers that make that happen.